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A Behind-The-Scenes Interview With NYC-Based, Selena Soo, On The Path To Getting Seen, Heard And Connected.

Ever wish you could reach the ranks of Marianne Williamson or Deepak Chopra – becoming a thought leader revered by the masses?  Maybe contribute a viral article to Forbes or Inc? How about landing a TED Talk and seeing it hit over a million views? Do you wonder how on earth to go about connecting with the right people to make those wild and crazy dreams come true?  

If you’re nodding yes, this interview is for you.

In today’s interview I got to jam with Selena Soo. Selena is a publicity and marketing strategist for visionary entrepreneurs, experts, and authors who want to reach millions with their message. Selena has helped her clients and students land interviews on national TV and popular podcasts and get featured by major publications like O, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes and Inc.

You’ve probably heard me say that business moves at the speed of relationships. Not surprisingly, so does publicity. I love chatting with Selena because her signature approach to publicity is rooted in the power of building mutually beneficial, authentic  and long-lasting relationships with influencers and the media.

In this interview, Selena and I got to dive into the process she uses to help entrepreneurs like you connect with the right influencers and reach the masses with their message.

Pivotal moments you don’t want to miss in this episode  

[4:50] Star-struck

Learn which powerful influencer Selena saw on the streets of NYC that got her so excited she hung up on her mom – and her secret for blowing him (and other influencers) away with her abilities.

[7:05] Walking the line

Approaching an influencer: the important differentiation between super-interested and super-stalkerish.

[11:15] Learning from others

What is one major mistake people make when they are inspired by an influencer?

[13:27] What makes an influencer

How Selena defines influencers (hint: it’s not just having a platform of millions).

[18:20] The Oprah Outlook

You are an Influencer! And you are an influencer! And you are an influencer! Why Selena believes we are all influencers to someone.

[18:46] Learning from the best

Hear some of Selena’s top influencer stories (hint, they involve her taking some smart and bold steps with each of them).

[26:00] Asking for help

How to know know if it’s the right time to ask an influencer for a favor.

[35:10] Common Mistakes

Blocks and Mindset: How are entrepreneurs thinking about publicity in the wrong way?

[39:00] Shifting Outlooks

Check out how I reframe the fear of success by changing one simple word. This is powerful stuff!

[40:00] The Publicity Pyramid

How do you figure out the right kind of publicity for you? Watch as we break down the publicity pyramid.

[48:50] Steps to Success

Why you need to focus on up-leveling your skills in order to climb the pyramid.

[53:12] Working the System

Discover how I leveraged an online contest into 24 million dollars in personal earned media.

[52:10] Final Thoughts

Learn why I describe the online world as one big echo chamber, and how publicity can be a game changer for you.

When people see you are going places, they want to be along for the ride.

Selena Soo

Top Sound Bites from Selena and Todd

Copy your favorite and share on your social platforms.

Selena’s Quotes

“The secret to developing a relationship and getting people interested in you is to be really interested in them.”

“There is nothing holding you back from being the kind of person that can add value and make an impression on the people you admire.”

“If you are an expert in something or you have connections that could be valuable to people, you are going to be an influencer to someone.”

“Get other people so excited about what you are doing that they want to open their platform and share your story, your ideas, your expertise, your products and services.“

“When people see you are going places, they want to be along for the ride.“

“You have information, ideas, and a story that could really help people, that could heal them, that could change their business or their whole life.”

“You don’t need to wait three years or five years before you can get media. You don’t have wait until your website is perfect before you connect with influencers. There are steps you can take now.”

“If you invest energy now into getting those media hits, you can use that brand equity for the lifetime of your business. That’s a pretty big return on investment.”

“You never know who is listening to that podcast interview or who is reading that article. There could be one person who is a key influencer and that could change everything.”

“An article could land you a book deal, or Ted Talk or partnership with big brands. Media is a big door opener.”

Todd’s Quotes

“Nobody has a fear of being more valuable. When you go out there and try to be as valuable as you possibly can to other people it removes the emotional angst.”

“The problem with how some people are doing business online is that they are living inside of one big echo chamber. Everyone is saying the same thing and fighting over the same customers, not knowing how to position or differentiate. That’s the really big opportunity of tapping into different media platforms. You get exposed to an audience that is not getting hit with the exact same message. This creates brand new business opportunities.”


Find Selena at her website  and sign up for her free video series on how to use publicity to become the ultimate expert in your niche.

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