Is Your Brain Wired For Oww or Wow?

Master the mindset of peak performing business owners and tap into the power of positivity and a self-perpetuating success pattern built on feedback loops of rapid learning & growth.

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Master The MIndset Of Peak-Performing Business OWners

Are you ready to discover if your brain is wired for OWW or WOW?

The OWW & WOW Mindset is a simple concept, but learning to identify and understand your existing patterns is a direct path to tap into your own unique power and create a self-perpetuating cycle of success.

I’ve witnessed the evidence more times than I can count, with high-profile athletes and entrepreneurs just like you. Every single time you shift from OWW brain to WOW brain in the face of obstacles, you create feedback loops that make you unstoppable. This subtle but powerful shift leads directly to rapid learning, growth and yes, the mental toughness that is essential to the success of your business.

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I'm Todd Herman.

I’ve worked with elite athletes, peak performers and entrepreneurial leaders for over 22 years, helping them achieve their most ambitious goals by becoming more resilient, creative, confident and courageous.

I’ve clocked over 15,000 hours on the field of play working one-on-one with people from all backgrounds and circumstances to develop an impenetrable mindset.

When you train & coach so many elite professionals, you get to see what they ACTUALLY do to win. My execution and mindset strategies and systems are used by businesses, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and athletes doing hard things.


Todd is a phenomenal coach, thinker and leader with an exceptional power to transform the performance of athletes and business peeps alike.
Kris Carr
New York Times Best-Selling Author

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