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In Episode #8

How Brian Smith founded UGG, lost it, got it back and the magic ride he had along the way.

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Today’s episode is with an Australian entrepreneur, founder of mega-brand UGG, author, and master storyteller, Brian Smith.

Brian Smith is the founder of billion-dollar power brand UGG, which he ended up selling to Decker’s Outdoor Corporation. He also founded PreFast, a company that provided pre-cast concrete walls to build California schools. He is the author of the book, The Birth of a Brand where he discusses the growth phases of business and he coined the phrase, “You can’t give birth to adults.”

He now mentors entrepreneurs from his home in sunny Southern California and surfs every chance he gets. Stay tuned during the interview to hear about the story of how he lost his company, UGG, and the inspiring attitude he took in the face of a desperate situation. You will hear about how he niched the product right away and the hard lesson he learned from two surfers in a surf shop one day and his three keys to winning at the game of business today.

Pivotal moments you don’t want to miss in this episode  

A Musical Move

Why the album, Dark Side of the Moon, by Pink Floyd was the motivation behind his move from Australia to California.

An Aha Moment

What happened the moment he realized there were no sheepskin boots in America.

Dark Times In Business

How building his first business at the expense of his health became one of his darkest moments.

Knowing Your Market

Why targeting the surfing market was the key to getting Americans to understand and want to buy sheepskin boots.

Staying Resilient And Getting Lucky

Why he lost control of the business and how he got it back years later, through a fluke.

Words To Live By

The four statements that he keeps in the front of his daily planner.

The critical thing is to try and figure out what it is you do better than anybody else and then do it because you cannot help but be successful.

Brian Smith

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