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Chanie Wilschanski is an early childhood strategist and leadership coach. Her business, DiscoverEd Consulting, launched in August 2015, serves school leaders, principals and directors to help them build schools of excellence.

Chanie began with school workshops, traveling for hours to deliver her two-hour presentation and then taking the long drive home. Chanie estimates that each presentation was the equivalent of a month of work, for which she charged a whopping $200.00

For an entire year, Chanie kept chugging along.

“I knew that this is not the way my business was supposed to be. I knew that wasn’t sustainable. I knew that wasn’t a business, it was a super expensive hobby”

Beyond not charging enough, Chanie had no system for bringing in leads, and no idea what she should focus on each day to hit her goals. Chanie didn’t even know what those goals should be.

When Chanie first encountered Todd she was immediately intrigued and began by following the free workshop series. The more she learned the more convinced she became that the 90 Day Year was the answer for her.

But, betting on herself wasn’t easy.

It was June of 2016, just shy of a year into her business, Chanie’s third baby was just 15 months old and she remembers clearly just how hard it was struggling with a new baby and business. Money was tight and Chanie didn’t take the investment lightly. Watch as she shares her story.

“I cannot thank myself enough for betting on myself. I was able to pay back the investment so quickly. I repositioned my offers. My days started working so differently. All of a sudden, I had free blocks of time that I could run more sales calls, which automatically brought in more money and more clients”

The 3 biggest gifts Chanie received from 90 Day Year?
    1. Community
    2. Support
    3. Mentorship
And the greatest value?

Chanie stresses the importance of being a part of the weekly implementation sessions and calls out the power of the way Todd asks questions that helped her drill down to her real problems and guided her to her own solution.

“As entrepreneurs, we all want more confidence. We all want more belief in ourselves that we really can go and do this hard work of building a business. I needed a supportive community to help me on this journey. The support of the 90 Day Year community, the support sessions with Todd and the strategies I learned gave me the confidence and framework I needed”

The 3 biggest lessons learned since joining 90 Day Year?
1) The pitfalls of multitasking

Chanie says massive results came in module three when Todd teaches the block and tackle method. She finally understood the hard costs of multitasking and immediately plugged this lesson into her day.

Simple tweaks like this have become an integral part of Chanie’s life and business, to the point that she can’t remember life without them, and wonders how she survived!

2) The power of community

Prior to the 90 Day Year, Chanie didn’t have anywhere to turn for support, feedback, guidance, or even a boost of motivation when things got rough. All that changed when Chanie said yes. She now approaches her doubts and fears with a much deeper level of curiosity and awareness. Instead of shutting down ideas she reaches out to the community for support.

“Everyone is there to support, to cheer you on, to share their wins, successes, strategies that work, tutorial videos. It’s amazing. You cannot believe how supportive this community is. The bottom line is, Todd doesn’t attract average people.”

3. Letting go of limiting beliefs

Chanie had locked herself into a pressure-cooker and believed that the only way to serve her clients was through one-on-one support. The 90 Day year knocked the lid off the pressure cooker and taught Chanie to stop limiting herself. The result? She’s completely restructured her business model to allow her to serve many more people.

One of the biggest limitations she used to place on herself?  Business revenue. At 50,000 in revenue, Chanie felt amazing, and when she crossed six figures, she was blown away once again. She realized she had to change her limited mindset around how much money it was possible to make, she’d become her own biggest problem in growing and building her business.

“I don’t allow limitations to stop me anymore. There are going to be roadblocks. I always figure out how to get around or over them. That’s huge.”

So, what changes for Chanie’s business?

When she joined the 90 Day Year, her new business was bringing in around $50,000 per year, but the family was over 30,000 in credit card debt. In truth, they couldn’t afford 90 Day Year, that investment was also placed on credit cards.

Now? Chanie’s revenue has tripled, she was able to completely eradicate that crippling credit card debt in a single year, begin savings accounts for each of their children, and take family vacations. For a woman from a family of educators, these are not small things – they are completely revolutionary.

But when you really get down to it, it’s not increased revenue that Chanie names as the most important.

Chanie and her husband also plugged the 90 Day year into their family life, meeting every Saturday night to map out the week together. They block and tackle to determine responsibilities and run mini huddles to keep on track.

As she speaks, Chanie becomes overcome with emotion. This emotion is driven, she explains, by the unprecedented level of happiness she’s experiencing right now and how 90 Day Year has made everything in her life possible.

“Running the 90 Day Year system in our household has removed so much overwhelm, stress, and anxiety of meeting deadlines in our personal lives as my husband and I went away last year for the first time, to Italy, just the two of us for a week. Little things like that have never been possible.  I can’t believe that I’m able to have this in my life. This has really been the most amazing two years.”

Chanie’s parting message to anyone considering 90 Day Year? 

Chanie understands that hesitations are normal. It’s not uncommon to hesitate to invest in yourself and your business. She encourages everyone to ask themselves what happens if everything stays the same. If you make no changes what will your life look like in 90 days?

“Bet on yourself and jump in 100%. Go through the content, implement what you’re learning and join support sessions. It will 100% transform your business, and your life is going to be different 90 days from now. It’s not that I don’t encounter hardships after working through this system, but when I encounter them, I have the tools, resources, community, and support to help me overcome that hurdle. That is massive.”

Breaking down the numbers….
June 2016 (Before 90 Day Year)
  • Email subscribers: Approx 400
  • Team: Just Chanie
  • Hours worked per week: 40+
  • Revenue: ~ $50,000/yr
January 2017
  • Email subscribers: Approx 3,000+
  • Team: Courtney + one part-time team member
  • Hours worked per week: 20
  • Revenue: $100,000+/yr

All this with 4 kids and Chanie is projecting $250,000 in revenue by January of 2019!

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