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Courtney Foster-Donahue is a mile-a-minute dynamo who balances three successful small businesses, a huge online following AND new motherhood like a pro, making everyone around her feel like a million bucks while she does it.

Courtney is a business and marketing strategist who works with entrepreneurs to help them build and broadcast their brands. From social media marketing to video production, if it helps entrepreneurs build brand awareness and get their names out there, Courtney is on it!

So how does she do it?

According to Courtney, that answer has a lot to do with Todd Herman and 90 Day Year. Watching the first video in Todd’s free workshop series in June 2016 was enough to get her hooked. That’s it, she thought, this is the program for me!

Then, hesitation struck.

Imposter syndrome stopped Courtney in her tracks. Although she and her husband had established three successful businesses in just two years, they were convinced that the program was too advanced for them.

Looking back, Courtney calls this crazy, but her self-doubt won, and she didn’t enroll. The result? Six months later, her business was in exactly the same place.

“I have very few regrets in business. But one of my regrets is not joining 90 Day Year sooner. It is the best investment I have EVER made for my business. 90 Day Year blows any other course or program out of the water.”

Courtney says this isn’t a sorrowful rags-to-riches Cinderella story.

Even before 90 Day Year business was still doing well, hitting a respectable low six figures in profit. But, Courtney was trapped by her own limited expectations and wasn’t growing the business to what she knew, deep down, was possible.

When the doors to 90 Day Year finally opened again, Courtney knew her hesitation had cost her huge growth opportunities and she was ready to change.

So, how long did it take to see change in the business?

Courtney felt the power of the 90 Day Year framework almost immediately. In fact, she cried while filling out the first workbook, realizing this investment could change everything.

The first lightbulb moment was in module two when she paused to focus. This was when her biggest shifts began, not only in her business but also in her mindset and her approach to daily work and goal setting.

“I thought I was good at goal-setting. I would set a goal and it wasn’t big and scary enough and then I would look inside what Todd gives you in the program and go okay, I have to take this to the next level. If I set a goal within the framework of 90 Day Year, it is an inevitability.”

We'll definitely surpass a million dollars in profit this year. The system that Todd teaches makes this possible

Courtney Foster-Donahue
Case in point:

Most entrepreneurs know just how quickly and easily an illness or family tragedy can derail a business. In May 2017, during her first pregnancy, Courtney was diagnosed with a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), a serious condition impacting 3% of pregnancies and the second leading cause of hospitalization during pregnancy, is no joke. Courtney describes HG as “Morning sickness 5.0, like having the worst hangover of your life every day. It’s a terrible, awful Groundhog Day situation.”

Courtney’s regular work week was reduced to four hours of viable work time. This could have spelled disaster, yet despite a very trying pregnancy, business continued to grow.

When she was feeling the worst and working the least the least, her business hit the seven-figure mark and kept on growing. Courtney credits the powerful filter of the 90 Day Year program, which allowed her to make decisions to focus on what matters and continue serving her audience to the best of her ability.

What is it like to run three businesses while caring for a new baby?

As anyone who has had a baby knows, there are not a lot of available hours. Has this impacted Courtney’s growth? Not with the 90 Day Year framework place. According to Courtney, the power lies in not just making the investment and implementing the program but in surrendering to the system. This made all the difference.

“If you had told me a year and a half ago that I would be able to get 40 hours of work done in four hours, or that I would grow from six to easily seven figures, I wouldn’t have believed you. Being able to shift all of the focus and have that time with my son right after he was born, you can’t put a price on that.”

These days, Courtney is bringing in what she refers to as an “easy seven figures”. More important than profit, from Courtney’s perspective? Connection to her people. No matter what she creates, from courses to training to webinars, she is serving her audience far better than before. For Courtney, this equals more joy and fulfillment.

And if you know Courtney, joy, and fulfillment mean everything!

Courtney Foster-Donahue - 90 Day Year success story

“I’m more mentally balanced. I’m healthier. I take nights and weekends and vacations without any concern that buildings will collapse”, Courtney laughs,“My husband calls this ‘The Todd Herman Effect’.”.

Prior to 90 Day Year, Courtney placed a lot of focus on what she calls vanity metrics – building up engagement and likes on her Facebook page, growing a group, blogging, creating content.

All of these activities are valuable, but for her, they were stall tactics. She was doing what other business mentors had told her to do, but scaling required leaving behind some of that ‘feel-good’ tasks that kept her busy, in order to focus on true productivity.

She worried that abandoning the focus on growing social engagement or blogging would cause things to crumble.

So, what did she need to do instead?

Courtney needed to move toward the money. To learn to go from point A to point B in the straightest line possible with the least amount of chaos and the most concentrated, focused, necessary work.

“That straight line is always the goal for me now, that 100% came out of the 90 Day Year program. I started paying attention to the metrics that matter, the things that actually move the needle on my business, not just the fluffy stuff that helps me feel good while I stall getting to the next important thing.”

When she stopped worrying about vanity metrics and started focusing on the key metrics that truly impacted her business, ALL of her numbers grew, including the ones that were not receiving her utmost attention.

How exactly eas Courtney’s business changed? Breaking down the numbers….
January 2017 (Before 90 Day Year)
  • Email subscribers: Approx 500
  • Team: Just Courtney
  • Hours worked per week: 60+
  • Days worked per week: 7
  • Revenue: $100K
January 2018
  • Email subscribers: Approx 20,000+
  • Team: Courtney + three full-time employees
  • Hours worked per week: 30 – 40
  • Days worked per week: 4 – 5
  • Revenue: ~$1 Million
What current changes would Courtney have thought impossible pre-90 Day Year?
  1. Moving easily from six to seven figures in profit;
  2. Growing a list of 30,000 subscribers in a matter of months;
  3. Creating a true connection with her audience, truly having a finger on the pulse of their needs,
  4. And, perhaps most importantly, having nights and weekends off, weeks of vacations and months of maternity leave off to enjoy her new family while her business continues to grow!

“It’s not building a lifestyle but building a legacy. I know that the actions I take today implementing this program will have wonderful ramifications, a butterfly effect from 10 years ago what I will be able to achieve because of what I’ve learned from Todd.”

So much can happen in six months, you can either stay stagnant, or you could blow your own mind with what you accomplish! Don’t wait, join 90 Day Year.

Courtney Foster-Donahue

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