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Entrepreneurs Share Game-Changing Moments and Big Wins From 90 Day Year Live 2018, La Jolla, San Diego.

Is it actually possible to change the entire trajectory of your business in just three short days?

If you’ve got the right mindset and you spend those three days in the right place with the right people. Yes, it absolutely is.

Why? Because business moves at the speed of relationships.

Nothing bonds people faster than face-to-face, toes-to-toes, and nose-to-nose interactions. People ask me all the time, ‘How have you been able to scale your public brand so quickly?”, and the answer is simple: I went to industry events, workshops and peer groups and started establishing relationships. Four years ago I created my own event so that my customers could benefit from the same sort of lightning growth that can happen in a gathering of people who are laser focused on expanding their mindset and their businesses.

In 2015, a small group of entrepreneurs gathered in New York City for the very first 90 Day Year Live event. This year over 300 entrepreneurs headed to La Jolla, California for three days of fast-track learning to improve their mental game, gain essential focus and get motivated to grow and scale their business in the year ahead.

With 25 diverse speakers ranging from the irrepressible energy of Chris Winfield leading the audience in moving from ‘FOMO to Famous’ to legendary MMA champion Frank Shamrock and powerhouse young entrepreneurs like Ever Matson and Luke Wharram, there was no lack of game-changing moments for all in attendance.

Attendees raved about breakouts, like Katya Varbanova’s session on viral Facebook videos (from the outside of the room it sounded more like a rock concert than a business conference session), while Brian Smith, the founder of UGG Boots, left the room moved and inspired (and occasionally in tears).

90 Day Year Live is NOT your typical entrepreneurial business conference. Attendees went from early morning to late night, making powerful connections and soaking up the wisdom. Everyone left the event motivated and with renewed clarity and focus, ready to grow and scale their businesses in the year ahead.

Whether you were with us in California or you can’t wait to attend next year, we’ve captured some of their most powerful light bulb moments, favorite quotes and powerful lessons learned for you below.

When I heard Todd say “Fear of success is really fear of responsibility,” it blew my mind. He’s right: Throughout my life I’ve constantly been given more responsibility and I’ve always grown enough to accept it. This one small sentence made me realize I can reach for new success in my business and I’ll be ready to handle it when it comes. I know I need laser focus and because of this shift I already started running a FB ad to my book, and am in the process of leveling up with a new website, social media strategy, and systems.

Dan Tricarico
The Zen Teacher


‘When I heard Todd say, “Really successful people say no to everything.” I had a lightbulb moment about the fact that I say yes to too many things. I have decided that I will no longer accept all types of clients. I am working on clarity with my ideal client and staying focused one specific target, avoiding the type of clients who have caused problems in the past.”

Laurent Rousseau

“One of my biggest ‘Aha!’ moments was a phrasing change Todd recommended. He said, “Don’t say ‘I need to do xyz for my business,” but instead to say, “My business needs to do xyz.” This mind shift allows me to take the load off my shoulders and put it on the company, allowing the team to kick in and allowing more mental space and separation between what the business does and who I am as a person; to fully realize that I am not my business. I took this home and immediately shared it with my team. I let them know I was going to be looking for them to grow and take on the tasks that I would be delegating going forward. We are aiming to double sales in the next 24 months, this shift will allow us to get “un-stuck” and past the $10 MM Mark in sales by empowering my team to take the necessary steps without ME being the bottleneck.

Denny Lave
CEO, Precision Precast Erectors

When Todd said, “It’s not YOU asking for the money, it’s the BUSINESS asking for the money,” he allowed me to push aside my old money scripts. I realized I had been allowing my past to make me feel bad for charging what I’m worth. I now know I don’t have to take it so personally. As a result, I’m already launching new products at higher price points.

Dan Tricarico
The Zen Teacher

Join us for 90 Day Year Live in San Diego, CA

Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2019


One of my biggest aha’s was when Todd said “It’s not YOU asking for the money, it’s the BUSINESS asking for the money,” After 6 years in business, I still get nervous when I say “the investment is”…on a sales call. When he said that a lightbulb went off! The next sales call I had after the event, I reminded myself that the business asks for the money. I felt so confident asking for the sale. I made that sale. This is going to be a gamechanger for me in how I show up to sales calls and I’m confident it will  increase my conversions!

Michelle Mazur


I’ve heard it before, but this time it really stuck. It’s ok to be in dream up. I need to focus on the steps that will get me to the next stage instead of trying to be in a stage that I’m not. I need to create the product, validate it, get it out there, and only then take the next steps. Before 90 Day Year Live, I had been stuck in indecision for almost a year. Within two days of returning, I had decided on a target market and articulated it to others. I am currently validating and have my first deliverable planned. I’m finally moving forward!

Kirsten Reeder
Vibrant Mom Society


When Todd said that he has the ability to focus a “white, hot beam of light” onto a project, I realized that I needed to get even more specific with my first course offering.  As a result, I’m working on a module that is all about how to dress for a conference when you’re a presenter. Prior to the 90 Day event, I was already pulling together a course, but the content was too broad. As a result of what Todd said, I’m shining a laser light on a specific need and I’m thrilled because I know it’s something real people struggle with!

Marina Lukin
Style Coach, Flying Suitcase

When Chris Winfield said, “What’s the easiest path? Leverage it. Then build on that,” it was a super easy structure for someone like me, who has a full time job while trying to work on some things on the side, because it seemed manageable and doable. As a result, I am choosing some low-hanging fruit that’s all around me and plan to make the most of it!

Dan Tricarico
The Zen Teacher

The 90 Day Year event helped me clarify something huge that will get me to where I want to be in a year. I had a huge imposter syndrome feeling and I refused to take action. When Todd said, “Get in the game and take more swings” I realized I didn’t have to be perfect and whatever I was doing didn’t even have to have a yearlong plan. I can always change the method if my ideas don’t work out. I am now working on a podcast where I interview people that had business failure experiences. The overall lesson was just mind-blowing!

Megan Galane

Trivinia Barber spoke about outsourcing and said “Outsource outcomes, not tasks.” I actually wrote it down and now have it on display in my office. I immediately scheduled an appointment with my team to shift their tasks into outcomes and projects. As I move forward to look into what to hand off next, I’m looking at projects instead of tiny tasks. It’s allowed me to release ownership of everything and all the brain space that takes up.

Stacey Harris

In medicine, we are taught that we cannot fail. Even though I intellectually knew otherwise, I began equating my business success (or lack thereof) with my skills as a healer, believing that the business I was (or wasn’t) getting was because of me. When Todd said, “You are not your business” I realized that I had completely hooked myself into this mindset without knowing. I created so much emotional turmoil because I had gotten caught up thinking and presenting myself as my business. When Todd spoke those words on stage (and then proceeded to describe my mindset and resistance to a tee) it was a hit-your-forehead-DUH moment! I am now able  to embrace my niche knowing that if it doesn’t work out it isn’t because I was rejected, it was because the service I was offering wasn’t the right one.

Terri Pena Ewald
Integrative / Functional MD

“The biggest impact for me came when Todd talked about integrating family in your business as opposed to creating balance, and by the fact that he so beautifully displayed all this in real time by practicing what he preaches. Todd had his family at the live event and was so generous and kind to other parents present, graciously and happily encouraging their children – including mine – to attend. I realized it really is possible to be a single mother and to have my daughter with me at important events like 90 Day Year Live. As a result I was able to carefully consider other events I want to attend and think about how I can create that same sort of integration into my own business and into the types of interactions that are so important for me to thrive.”

Amy Birks
The Strategy Nina


The most powerful message I received during the 90 day year live event was the steps that lead to a phenomenal year. These helped me to immediately see what’s been holding me back. I’m really strong in most of the areas on the list, except being clear on what my prodigy zone is. I realized the impact that lack of clarity was having on my business and decided to put a ton of energy into figuring it out. I’m happy to say it’s much clearer now, and it’s changed how I approach everything in my business – from how I position my services to the type of clients I choose to work with, and what I do to help them. This has already led to some amazing opportunities, and an increase in energy and revenue!

Megan Bergeron
Success Strategist

“Any problem is just a decision that you haven’t made yet”. When Todd said this it was a game-changer for me. I realized that being more decisive would help me to avoid lingering problems. I quickly solved two problems by making decisions I had been avoiding, and haven’t looked back. I know that this will help me move forward in my business with more speed, and pay off in major ways.

Megan Bergeron
Success Strategist


Join us for 90 Day Year Live in San Diego, CA

Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2019


I landed at the 90 Day Year live event just a week after moving into the start-up stage. Todd’s articulation of the difference between potential and capabilities shifted my mindset on what role I need to play moving forward. Why does this matter so much? Living up to my potential doesn’t make sense to me. Todd said that potential is something you need to get or learn and capabilities are things you have already. I am now coming back into business with the goal of delivering on my capabilities!

Kristine Thorpe
Patch a Mama’s Heart


At the 90 Day Year Live event, when Todd listed his set of guiding principles, I really keyed on the “Imperfect Action”. I realized that my perfectionism, which I’ve generally been proud of, can be a serious detriment to my business. I need to embrace the idea that imperfect action is always going to trump perfection, because perfection is slowing me down and leading to stagnation. As a result, I’ve started to worry more about hitting those deadlines and goals, and less about whether I’ve gotten a particular task “perfect”. This will help me accomplish more ambitious goals, faster than I ever imagined.

Lori Olson
Owner & Principal Instructor

“Data is truth.” As entrepreneurs, we get so emotional with our “babies” and make irrational decisions. Todd’s three words cut through the BS of touchy-feelies. I am now more empowered in my business to make the right decisions not based on gut instincts, but on data. Numbers. Statistics. Metrics. KPI’s. Makes decisions much easier.

Joshua Lisec
3-Time #1 International Best-Selling Ghostwriter & TEDx Speaker

Ari Meisel said, “When the opportunities are greater than your business’ ability to go after them, it’s time to scale.” For me, the fulfillment of Ari’s statement came in the form of COO Karen Sergeant’s session on unblocking the 4 bottlenecks that keep you from scaling your business. I’m using the 90DY system now to unblock all 4 of those.

Joshua Lisec
3-Time #1 International Best-Selling Ghostwriter & TEDx Speaker

I loved seeing all the different iterations of successful businesses. It is so easy to get stuck in the mindset of this is how you must do an online business, but all of the presenters, panel members and folks I connected with were all doing it their own way. One of the most powerful things Todd said was, “You can’t read the label from inside the bottle”. I realized that is why every business struggles with creating their own marketing, and their own story. I have used that analogy in conversations with clients since the 90 Day Year, and the relief and the realization that this is a normal phenomenon has been wonderful to see! It has allowed them the space to stop feeling guilty and to roll up their sleeves and get sh*t done.

Carmen Schreffler
Online Marketing Strategist, Wildpreneur

My biggest takeaway was that “Real learning only happens on the field of play”. That really changed my perspective of how I should be approaching everything. It makes sense because we truly learn when we take action and then see what happens and learn from that versus reading a book and putting hypothetical situations in your head.

Sammy Kaplan

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Join us for 90 Day Year Live in San Diego, CA

Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2019


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