A 90-day coaching program for business owners who want to build a business they love working in. In just 3 months, you'll develop skill-sets to make better decisions, stay focused and ultimately, increase sales.

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Here’s a peek of what awaits you inside 

Are you ready to build a business that's right for you

PRO is a 90 day coaching accelerator for business owners looking to achieve rapid growth. It's filled with customized feedback, extreme accountability, and systematic support to keep you laser-focused and executing every single week on the right thing for your business right now.

PRO gives you access to:

  • Clarity - You'll clarify EXACTLY what your business model is, so you can eliminate the distractions, task list, and projects slowing you down. This will create even more confidence, discipline and focus in terms of how you’re showing up and serving in the market.
  • Accountability - You'll relentlessly execute on that business model, with our ‘Accountability Rhythm’, so we can double your output in 90 days. This extreme accountability is what creates the biggest wins for our members, most often around revenue growth and time freed up on the calendar.
  • Community - You'll connect with a community of high character, high integrity, and high discipline people in a small cohort, so you can stop trying to be a ‘lone wolf’ and develop the discipline of asking for help.  (73% of people in the first cohort said the community was their greatest surprise, and one of their favorite aspects of the program.)

When enrollment opens, you’ll have the opportunity to get the coaching, support, accountability and community you need to accelerate to the next stage of business. 

Wondering what Kind OF Extraordinary RESULTS You Could get In Our 90-Day Coaching Program?

Check out these inspiring results from a few of our PRO members.

“I now just focus on three things every day. And when I’m done, I have free time where I can go out and I can golf, go for a walk, I can get my workout back in, I can watch a movie if I want to. I wasn’t doing that two months ago. I was sitting at my desk from 8am till 8pm just grinding and that’s unsustainable.” 
- Ted Vickey
"I made more money in the last six weeks than I did in the last six months. Because I just took a whole bunch of action. PRO is such a powerful program with a ton of support."
- Kaeleya Rayne
"I secured three new clients ($12,000 in revenue). I've also got multiple people that are in my pipeline, that I expect will enroll once I open up my program again. Plus I've got two clients who have now involved me in their own multimillion-dollar real estate deals."
- Shane Melanson
"October was my biggest sales month ever! A year ago, the number that I got in October, had been my quarterly goal. I exceeded that in a single month."
- Dawn Prickett
"Before I joined PRO, I was working really, really hard to get my business to the next level. And yesterday, I actually got a yes from an investor of $1.5 million! And this means that I can actually relax and enjoy Christmas with my family and not work every day."
-Marcus Starkensjӧ
"I was really stuck and was struggling with trying to transform a one-on-one, hands-on consultancy into online courses and programs. For me, the keys in PRO were supportive accountability, action-taking and not just getting more content to watch/go through."
- Jennifer Cairns

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When you join the waitlist, you’ll be the first to know when we re-open enrollment for PRO.
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