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What’s Included In The Program

Phase 1

  • Assessment: You’ll complete an assessment on the 5 Pillars of Business so we understand what your business looks like right now and where you want to take it in 2021 and beyond.
  • Kick-Off Call: During this call with your coaching cohort, you’ll define exactly what your focused goal is for the next 90 days. From there, you’ll outline the key projects that need to get completed during the next 90 days in order to achieve that goal.
  • Project Mapping Call: Now that you’ve defined your projects, you’re going to map out the details, alongside your cohort, following our proprietary process. You’ll get a lot of clarity around how your projects are going to be impacting the vision, your #1 goal and the important numbers in your vision.
  • Business Model Mapping Call: Finally, you’re going to map out your business model during this group call. It’s important that you get really clear on four main things in order to accelerate you through to the next stage of business. This will create even more discipline and focus in terms of how you’re showing up and serving in the market.

*Phase 1 kicks off on Monday, January 4th, 2021 and is completed within 1 week.


Phase 2

  • Accountability & Working Rhythm: Every Monday, our Head Coach, Dave, facilitates this live session. During this call, you’ll define exactly what your focus is for the week, in alignment with your 90-day goal .
  • Issue Handling & Decision Rhythm: Every Wednesday, you’ll jump on a live coaching call with Dave to go over any issues that have come up. You’ll talk through the strategic decision-making process, actually make a strategic decision, and then begin executing on that strategy.
  • Reflection & Reporting Rhythm: Every Friday, you’ll report your KPIs to Dave. During this live call, you will review your most important metrics and evaluate what to focus on next. We also celebrate your wins during this call.
  • Monthly Mindset Coaching: Once a month, Todd will facilitate a live coaching session to help you through your biggest mindset and leadership challenges.

*Phase 2 runs through the entire 90 days of Ramp Up Accelerator.


Plus An Optional Upgrade…

  • Our Award-Winning 90 Day Year Program: Alongside the Ramp Up Accelerator coaching program, you’ll also get lifetime access to our award-winning 90 Day Year program, so you can implement our proprietary operating system inside your business. ($2,798 value)

What’s Your Investment?

Right now, we’re extending our Tester pricing to anyone who joins the next cohort by Wednesday, December 16th at 11:59pm Pacific.

  • Ramp Up Accelerator + 90 Day Year:  $2000 one-time payment or 3 monthly payments of $800
  • Ramp Up Accelerator Only: $1500 one-time payment or 3 monthly payments of $600

What kind of EXTRAordinary results could you get in Ramp Up Accelerator?

Watch the videos below to hear directly from other business owners what they experienced in just 90 days.

“I now just focus on three things every day. And when I’m done, I have free time where I can go out and I can golf, go for a walk, I can get my workout back in, I can watch a movie if I want to. I wasn’t doing that two months ago. I was sitting at my desk from 8am till 8pm just grinding and that’s unsustainable.”
– Ted Vickey

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“I made more money in the last six weeks than I did in the last six months. Because I just took a whole bunch of action. Ramp Up Accelerator is such a powerful program with a ton of support.”
– Kaeleya Rayne

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“I secured three new clients ($12,000 in revenue). I’ve also got multiple people that are in my pipeline, that I expect will enroll once I open up my program again. Plus I’ve got two clients who have now involved me in their own multimillion-dollar real estate deals.”
– Shane Melanson

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“October was my biggest sales month ever! A year ago, the number that I got in October, had been my quarterly goal. I exceeded that in a single month.”
– Dawn Prickett

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“Before I joined Ramp Up Accelerator, I was working really, really hard to get my business to the next level. And yesterday, I actually got a yes from an investor of $1.5 million! And this means that I can actually relax and enjoy Christmas with my family and not work every day.”
-Marcus Starkensjӧ

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“I was really stuck and was struggling with trying to transform a one-on-one, hands-on consultancy into online courses and programs. For me, the keys in Ramp Up Accelerator were supportive accountability, action-taking and not just getting more content to watch/go through.”
– Jennifer Cairns

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Frequently Asked Questions

No question is too big or small. Read through some of the most common questions that we get asked below. If there’s something we haven’t covered, please reach out to us via email, so we can help you make the best decision.

How often is Ramp Up Accelerator offered?

The RUA Program will reopen again in the next couple of months, but this offer most likely won’t happen again. (Remember, an ‘offer’ is a combination of what the promise of the program is, how the promise is being fulfilled, and the price.)

How much personal attention can I get?

This is a group program, with small 20 people or less ‘Cohort Groups.’ Personal attention is delivered during accountability calls (twice a week), support calls(once a week), and the community group (open 24 hours/day, and responded to during a 9-5 CST schedule.)

If you feel like you need a lot of personal attention, we’d encourage you to reach out for 1:1 private coaching. But if personal attention is because of a need for personal issues, there are far more qualified therapists to help.

The accountability is related to doing the right 'needle-moving' things for the business, correct?

Accountability is about aligning your actions, decisions, and thinking to A) What the promise of this Accelerator is all about, ‘Get Your Business Model Right,’ B) Focusing on the only projects that will make that happen, C) Ensuring you don’t slip into old patterns and build the skills of a strong leader.

What type of strategic help in terms of business model can I get?

We have the framework you pour your business ideas into, which takes care of 80% of the heavy lifting for your strategy. And through the calls and feedback provided in the group, you’ll get coached on refining it. If you’re uncoachable and think your idea is a winner, when it breaks the rules of business models, you’ll lose in this program.

If I do want to continue after the 3 month period, can I continue or does the program end?

A large portion of our previous participants continue because they’re ecstatic with their results, and they love the community. So there’s definitely an opportunity to continue, but no obligation.

How many people are you accepting into this cohort?

We’ll be accepting as many people as we can into the program, but your specific cohort group will be 20 or less.

How familiar do I have to be with the training inside 90 Day Year?

You don’t. While it definitely benefits any person that uses the system, it’s not a focal point of the program.

I have a side-hustle business that's making me money on the side right now, would this be a good program for me?

Most likely, No. We only want people in the program that are committed to building a real business. We’ve found that ‘dabblers’, ‘side-hustlers’, and ‘testers,’ aren’t a good fit, because they haven’t fully committed to the venture yet. And because they haven’t fully committed they’ll ask a lot of questions, take up time on calls, and not execute, because their motivations are to simply make a little bit of money on the side.

We’re here to make tangible wins happen, finish off the project of defining the business model, and executing, period.

Todd’s original business back in 1997 was a side-hustle, for a few months, and he admits that he wouldn’t have been a good fit for this program. Or any, for that matter.

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