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  • A "look under the hood" at the engine that drives the powerful results of your 90 Day Year, the O.P.P. Achievement Framework. (This is the same model I’ve used with Olympians to win medals and Entrepreneurs to explode revenues.)
  • The key difference between men and women when it comes to setting and achieving goals (NOT a stereotype, just my experience from doing tens of thousands of hours of coaching)...
  • How to decide WHAT to do in your business and WHEN...and the exponential growth that happens when you focus on the right things at the right time.
  • The "self-selecting" trait that all successful entrepreneurs have, and how to develop it, if you don’t have it YET (HINT: Athletes have it, too)

About Todd Herman

Todd Herman is a performance coach, business mentor and creator of the world’s leading high performance operating system for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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