New York City | London | September 2018

Join Me Live To Map Out Your Next 90 Day Year In Just 2 Days

Clarify Your Priorities.
Focus Your Time.
Achieve Greater Results.

In just two days you’ll take your business through the entire 90 Day Year framework in our exclusive small group environment. Together, we'll identify the priority areas in your business to focus on right now so you can achieve your business goals and move through to the next stage of business with more confidence and less stress

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Gain Clarity

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Set Your Vision

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Your Master Plan

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Your Roadmap

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Execute Confidently

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Instant Feedback

High-Performance Is NOT About Doing MORE. It’s About Focusing On The Right Things At The Right Time!

Gather and analyse the data that matters most so you can gain vital clarity about your current performance.

Build the vision, purpose and goals of your organization so that your entire team is aligned and ready to move forward.

Create a master plan for achievement driven by clarity and purpose and supported by the 90 Day Year framework.

Implement an action plan of daily, weekly and monthly activities that lead directly to your most important goals.

Execute on your plan by doing the right things at the right time and reap the rewards of high performance.

Gain instant feedback on your plan so you know you’re focused on the right things at the right time.

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Register for the upcoming London or New York Immersion Workshops before June 22 and pay only $500/person deposit today. Bring your business partner or team member and Save 20% on registration. If you’d like to bring your whole team or host a workshop in your office, contact us for custom pricing.


10-11 September, 2018

New York City

17-18 September, 2018

Master The 90 Day Year Framework

Take Your Business Through The Entire 90 Day Year Framework Live.


Data and Insights

Improvement begins with data. Evaluate and analyze your proficiency and success on the five pillars of business: marketing, sales, product, leadership and operations

The DNA of high performance

Learn the 6 core pillars known as the E.F.F.O.R.T. Framework and the DNA of high performance

5 Stages of Business

How do you know if you’re focusing on the right thing at the right time? Understanding your stage of business delivers a simple prescription for growth.

The Mission, Vision and Purpose Builder

Fine tune your mission and vision to create a sense of purpose for your organization.

The 0.P.P. Framework

Learn a powerful framework for aligning goals, performance based projects, processes and tasks.

Goals versus Projects

The words goals and projects are often used interchangeably, but they are NOT the same. Identify the key difference and see exponential increases in productivity.

High-Performance Sprint Model

Focus on critical tasks with our sprint model and transform your team from missing deadlines and failing on goals to consistent execution and success.

High-Performance Tool Box

Learn the routines and rituals high-performance leaders and teams use to increase speed, agility and peak performance and put them to work for you.

There is no better way to learn the 90 Day Year System than from Todd himself. The two day workshop helped me focus on improving the way I run my business day to day, making sure I have the right systems and strategy in place to build my business effectively and efficiently.

Linda Fogg-PhillipsDirector, Tiny Habits Academy

Over $1,000 in Bonuses To Support Your growth

Workshop attendees also receive the following bonuses to support even faster growth after the event!

Workshop Recording

A high quality recording of the full 2 Day Workshop to watch back when it’s time to plan again.

Follow Up Q&A Call

A Live Q&A Call after the workshop for you to ask any questions that come up.

Bonus Training

In this bonus recorded training, l share how to build a high-performing team aligned with your goals.

Melyssa GriffinOnline Educator

I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed in my business when I discovered 90 Day Year. My to-do list was never ending, I had more ideas than I knew how to implement and I was feeling unmotivated and unproductive every day. After implementing Todd’s framework, everything began to feel easy and fun again. I had clear priorities and a vision for my business. I reached my annual goal within months increasing revenue by 500% ($1Mill+) in my first year of using 90 Day Year.

Colene ElridgeBe More Consulting

I was all over the place in my business with too many ideas to grow my business. The focus that this 90 Day Year has given me is invaluable! Todd pushes you past where you're comfortable, but growth is on the other side. I now think more about everything I do. Instead of just jumping into something, I think about how this ties directly to the goals I want to achieve and have eliminated the jobs that are not at a higher level.

Mike MatthewsPerforming Artist Success Coach

Prada Protocol gave us the power to stop second-guessing ourselves because, quite honestly, we are eliminating the time necessary for that BS to happen with our constant execution. Truly... Thank you ALL!

Ashley BrownFounder; Visual Assistant Studio

If I haven't said it once ... I will be sure to say it again. I am AMAZED at the family Todd Herman has created for us. NEVER have I been a part of a group of so many amazing people helping each other, offering advice.

Andy JoyThe Mental Difference

After 3 months of running into walls and beating myself up over failing, the 90 Day Year came into my life. I shifted my focus, goals, and really looked at my feedback loops. After only two months of officially being open, I've landed my first big contract and have two more in the works. I've been able to turn my fear of being on my own and failing, into a true passion, desire, and hunger to be the best and deliver top quality work

Shelley DavidescuBusiness Mentor

Before 90 Day Year, I was bogged down with thinking I had too much to do all the time. I didn't have a framework for my projects and execution was not excellent. Before the end of my first 90 days, I had surpassed my income goal bringing in $17,343 in two weeks and added 27 women in my group programs. Now I feel like I can step away with ease and do more of the higher dollar activities now!

Lauren Pawell Web Developer and Digital Marketer

Before this program, I was spinning my wheels in a lot of directions. And while a lot of it was working, most of it wasn't very scalable or something I could delegate easily. Already this quarter I have done my first webinar, which resulted in upcoming 3 guest webinars and the launch of my first online course, and signed on 2 big name clients, with a few others in the works.

Samuel LuiThrifty Bookkeepers

The 90 Day Year taught me to focus on finding clients that would ultimately help me reach my goals. I'm focusing on the important but not urgent tasks while streamlining the business because I want to scale the business. Take the long view, be ultra-focused, and push forward.

Barbara FoxworthBusiness & Success Coach

Before this program, I would let so many things enter my day that weren't on my schedule because well, they were more fun to do. But in reality, they were distractions from doing the real work that was a high-income activity and it showed in my bottom line! With the 90 Day Year, I am valuing my time more than ever and I'm much more focused. As my focus increases, so too shall my bottom line! That's a WIN!

Laura PhillipsDigital Marketing Strategist

It’s hard to believe how much has changed in my life since joining 90 Day Year! Before I was struggling to grow 2 businesses. I was exhausted, felt chained to my desk and trapped by the number of tasks I was trying to juggle. I was a self-confessed control freak and context switcher and this really held me back. In my first year of using the 90 Day Year, I quadrupled my business and was shortlisted as UK Online Business of the Year in 2017.

Ryan CoissonOnline Marketing Coach

90 Day Year gave me systems, processes, and frameworks that helped me get more of the RIGHT stuff done, resulting in less stress, more revenue, and most importantly more happiness in my businesses.

Register Now & Secure Your Seat With A $500 Deposit.
Final Payment of $2,499 due August 1, 2018

Register for the upcoming London or New York Immersion Workshops before June 22 and pay only $500/person deposit today. Bring your business partner or team member and Save 20% on registration. If you’d like to bring your whole team or host a workshop in your office, contact us for custom pricing.


10-11 September, 2018

New York City

17-18 September, 2018