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Thanks for your feedback!

I appreciate you sharing the reason behind your decision not to join 90 Day Year this time around and look forward to another opportunity to help you and your business grow in the near future.

In the meantime, I’ve selected a few of my favorite podcast interviews that I think you’ll find helpful for where you are right now. If you’re interested in exploring others, you’ll find more podcast episodes here.

#26: Jonathan Fields

| Podcast | No Comments
Jonathan Fields On Living A ‘Good Life’ And Why Happiness Is The Enemy & The ‘F’ Word…

#21: Lewis Howes

| Podcast | No Comments
In Episode #21 The hustle of Lewis Howes; from pro athlete to broke and injured, to online empire…

#2: Marie Forleo

| Podcast | No Comments
In Episode #2 What Marie learned from her parent’s divorce, an abusive relationship & money issues which helped…

#19: Jadah Sellner

| Podcast | No Comments
In Episode #19 How Jadah Sellner went from actress to daycare owner, to health & nutrition empire…

#25: Satya Twena

| Podcast | No Comments
In Episode #25 Satya Twena shares her unconventional path to becoming a fashion brand people flock to…

#23: Jen Groover

| Podcast | No Comments
In Episode #23 Jen Groover talks about growing up in a challenging home, building her fashion brand and…

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