LIVE 2017

April 17-19, 2017 | San Diego, CA

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The relationships I made it this event will not only last a lifetime, but the new partnerships I made will mean huge dollars to my business…

Trivinia Barber | PriorityVA

I thought the 90 Day Year program was awesome already, but the event BLEW me away! Todd knows how to over-deliver.

Jonas Buehl | The Crunchy Grocer

This was the best crowd I’ve ever spoken in front of. Period.

Brian Smith | UGG Founder

As someone that’s been to Todd’s events, all I can say is, the awesomeness that Todd delivers in the program—times that by 10 and that kind of explains what a live event is like. Beyond worth traveling all the way from the U.K.!

Laura Phillips

Two Plus Days Of Major Business Breakthroughs Is Just Around The Corner

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April 17th 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Opening night party. Finally connect with people you’ve met through the program, celebrate wins, make new connections and have some fun with the festivities we have planned. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the drinks and appetizers.


April 18th & 19th 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Both of these days are the actual 90 Day Year Live: Business Acceleration Event Days. Not only will you be walking away with your 90 Day Year plan mapped out with my help and the help of the other business specialists I’m bringing in to have breakout sessions with you, but I’ll also be walking you through new frameworks to help you create a business that serves your vision for the life you’re trying to build.


You Need To Be In San Diego

1. Business moves at the speed of relationships

I tell my clients all the time, ‘Business moves at the speed of relationships.’ And nothing bonds people faster than face-to-face, toes-to-toes and nose-to-nose interactions. People ask me all the time, ‘How have you been able to scale your public brand so quickly?”, and the answer is simple: I went to industry events, workshops and peer groups and started establishing relationships.

Then I nurtured those relationships over time. Pretty simple.

The content & breakout sessions at the event in San Diego are going to be amazing, and the people you meet between sessions just might have that one pearl of wisdom that completely changes the trajectory of your 2017. But you’ll never get that pearl if you’re not there.

2. You’ll be getting important work done

You’ll be getting important work done. Your time is valuable to you AND to me. So if you’re going to invest your time with me over a weekend, I want you to leave with a runway already built out for your next 90 days (and beyond!). Nothing frustrates me more than going to an event where speakers drone on and on, without me having anything actionable that I can implement. But April 17-19 will be about me helping you get important things mapped out and done, so you can rapidly move forward in your business. Think of this like the coach calling you to the sidelines, drawing up a new play and sending you back out onto the field. You WILL be COACHED. And you WILL have a NEW playbook ready to be executed on immediately.


AN EPIC PARTY! Monday night is going to be our kick-off party! I’m buying 😄 So leave your cash and credit cards in your hotel room and let me host a fun party overlooking the San Diego Marina for you. Hmmm… Free Drinks, Warm Ocean Air & Great People… seems like the perfect prescription for a hard-charging business owner!

This is your chance to clink a few glasses, get a few photos and have some fun! You’ve busted your butt day in and day out, now it’s time to actually enjoy yourself and relax.

4. The Guest Expert Teachers

The Guest Expert Teachers… Wow! I’m going into my rolodex and pulling out the best of the best to come and deliver multiple breakout sessions with you, so you can take even more actionable, insights from the event.


There’s a catch…

This is going to be built more like a choose your own adventure type opportunity for you…

Here’s the problem sometimes with having a guest speaker on a stage… Sometimes, what they’re talking about isn’t all that relevant to you and your business. Now…It’s not that you still can’t pull any value from that person, because that would be a serious mindset mistake, however your time might be better served getting even more actionable direction on problems you need help solving right now.

So… At any one time, we’re going to have multiple experts, hosting roundtable discussions on areas like:

E-Commerce, Systems, Messaging, Strategic Alliances, Traffic, Consulting, Content Creation, Finance & Profits, Facebook & Paid Traffic, Storytelling, Hiring & Culture…

You’ll have the chance to bounce between experts or plant yourself in one group and soak up all the wisdom & strategies.

I’m really excited to bring this new format to the 90 Day Year Live Event, because I know it’s going to be super valuable for you to ‘choose your own learning adventure’ and get some real big wins. In fact, I was at a recent event that did this at a smaller scale and it was my favorite part of the event.

This elite lineup will give you more actionable strategies so you can continue to upgrade your entrepreneurial skills and take brand new tools back into your business. Want strategies on getting more leads? I’ve got you covered with multiple experts. Want strategies on systematizing your business so you don’t work so darn much? Done. Want to upgrade your financial skills so you’re not scared of the money side of your business anymore?

I’ve got your back on that one too!

5. Diving deeper into the principles of the 90 Day Year

Diving deeper into the principles of the 90 Day Year, so you can continue to move through a rapidly changing world with the mindsets, process and grace others will wish they had. At the end of the event, not only will you be leaving it with new friends, new alliances possibly and new ways of reaching your goals with less stress. You’ll also be leaving with a new 90 Day Year plan and the confidence in that plan working, because you just heard it ‘straight from the horses mouth’ live.

I’m also going to dive deeper with you on building out your ‘business toughness’, so you can move through the challenges of business with more grace. Yes business is hard. BUT it doesn’t have to consume you, which ends up consuming the people we care about.

There are A LOT more ’Toughness Quivers’ left in my bow, and I want to share them with you at the event.

Ok I couldn’t resist a bonus reason…SAN DIEGO!

Ok I couldn’t resist a bonus reason…SAN DIEGO! You’ll be steps away from the downtown area… You’ll be right on top of the beautiful marina area, where you can walk along the oceanfront… and you’ll be surrounded by palm trees and the warm Southern California air!

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Please Note: There is an opportunity to upgrade to a VIP Experience after your ticket is processed. This is a first-come, first-serve offer and only available for the first 200 people. Details are on the confirmation page.


How does the refundable ticket work?

For all current 90DY Implementation Clients and Alumni that joined this round of implementation, you get one free ticket to the live event. If you’re someone that chose the ‘Pay-In-Full’ option to join the program or you’re an Alumni in the current Implementation Group, your $97 ticket will be refunded to you when you check-in at the event.

If you’re someone that chose the ’12-Pay Installment Plan’ option, your $97 ticket will be refunded to you when your ‘Installments’ are completed.

(If you have further questions please reach out to the Client Care Team and they’ll be happy to help.)

How many people do you expect to attend the event?

Last year we had just under 500 people at the event and this year we’re expecting around 750 people at the event.

What hotel do I need to book my room at?

Our event is going to be at the San Diego Convention Center, which has multiple hotel options surrounding it. We looked into securing a block of rooms with a discount for everyone, but the rates online versus the guaranteed rate were cheaper, so we’ll leave the option in your hands. (After you secure your refundable ticket, we’ll send you an email with some great options though.)

When should I fly in?

Your choice, but try to get into San Diego on Monday so you can attend the Reception Event!

Can I purchase an extra ticket for a business partner/spouse?

Absolutely! Just reach out to care@toddherman.me with ‘Extra Ticket’ in the subject line and my team will help you out.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Planning these events along with catering, room size etc. is an arduous task, which is why we ask for the refundable ticket purchase just so we can ensure we have the right numbers to serve everyone properly.

If you can’t attend, we can transfer your ticket to another 90 Day Year Live Event.

Will you be serving lunch?

No. We’ll be providing ample time for people to take a much needed break and grab lunch during the event.

What is the recommended attire for the event?

Business casual is always a safe bet. And bring a light sweater, just in case the event room is slightly cool.

How can my company become a sponsor for the event?

Reach out to Kelly Minton - kelly@toddherman.me and let her know you’d be interested in finding out about sponsorship opportunities.

Two Plus Days Of Major Business Breakthroughs Is Just Around The Corner

A VIP Experience with Todd & VIP Benefits are available after you secure your ticket.


Claim Your Live Event Ticket

Please Note: There is an opportunity to upgrade to a VIP Experience after your ticket is processed. This is a first-come, first-serve offer and only available for the first 200 people. Details are on the confirmation page.