“I’ve been to so many events where I feel like I have to take a shower after…but 90 Day Year Live attracts the best people. I can’t wait to be back!”

Matt Gallant

3 Simple Steps To Your Next Big Leap…

Step 1

Get Your Ticket To 90 Day Year Live.

Pretty Simple, hey?

Step 2

Attend the Event and Soak Up the Expert Advice, Meet Quality People and Create Your 90 Day Plan.

Totally doable, right?

Step 3

Leave Inspired, Motivated and Focused On What You’re Doing When You Get Home.

Sounds REALLY good, doesn’t it? It is...


What is 90 Day Year Live?

The 90 Day Year Live event is a 3-day event that brings together hundreds of ambitious entrepreneurs, like you, running businesses between $100k to $2.5M per year.

If you’re ready to:

  • Get actionable strategies through our ‘Track-Based’ breakout session line-up, (see below for details)
  • Be inspired by leaders through powerful presentations & fire-side chats, and
  • Connect with other strong, smart & skilled entrepreneurs through our opening night party and networking activities, (ya, ya, ya… nobody likes the word networking, but ‘hob-nob’, ‘schmooze’ and ‘mingle-fest’, just don’t cut it. But good, hard-working and ambitious people getting the chance to meet and make connections is what we mean. Cool? Cool.)

And we do all of this so you can accelerate on the path to getting to the next stage of your business growth.

Which Track is Right For You?

Everybody is different. Your unique problems and frustrations are different than the person who will be sitting next to you.

So, instead of feeding you a steady diet of speakers that may not apply to your stage of business, at the 90 Day Year Live event you’ll be able to choose from a selection of breakout sessions, geared to the unique needs of your stage.

Need more leads? Better quality clients? A consistent marketing strategy? Or any other issue you might be dealing with while moving through the ‘Start-Up Stage’ of business, then…

Choose the Start-Up Track, with experts and speakers curated to help you get to the next stage.

Need better systems? A stronger team? A simpler business model? Remove yourself from doing everything in your business? Or any other issue you might be dealing while moving through the ‘Ramp-Up & Scale-Up Stages’ of business, then…

Choose the Scale-Up Track, with experts and speakers curated to help you get to the next stage.

During every break-out session you’ll be able to choose from three different experts you can learn from, so you’re getting the relevant questions you need, answered.

And the great thing is… you won’t need to decide until that very moment. Your only decision right now, is to click the button below and grab your ticket to the event before they’re sold out!


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Mission: 1 Million Meals to end child hunger and homelessness. "I'm not just selling suckers, I'm selling success."







Three Days of Major Business
Breakthroughs Are Just Around the Corner

50% OFF! Discounted ticket prices expire in:

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MONDAY - March 26th

Registration is Open

MONDAY - March 26th

We’re kicking off the festivities with an opening night party. Connect with your fellow 90 Day Year students, celebrate your wins, make new connections and get excited for what’s to come. Oh, and the drinks and appetizers are on me :-)

MONDAY, TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY - March 26th, 27th and 28th

These three jam-packed days are the core of the 90 Day Year Live: Business Acceleration Event.

I’m bringing in some of the biggest experts to help you with specific areas of your business. I’ll also be walking you through NEW frameworks (most of them not covered in the course) to help you create a business that serves your vision for the life you’re trying to build. Oh, and of course there are some surprises planned that I can’t tell you about just yet, but I think you’ll like them.


You need to be in San Diego, CA


Business moves at the speed of relationships

I tell my clients all the time, ‘Business moves at the speed of relationships.’ Nothing bonds people faster than face-to-face, toes-to-toes, and nose-to-nose interactions. People ask me all the time, ‘How have you been able to scale your public brand so quickly?”, and the answer is simple: I went to industry events, workshops and peer groups and started establishing relationships.

Then I nurtured those relationships over time. It sounds simple, but I can’t emphasize enough the value that building real, human, in person connections has on your business.

Yes, the content & breakout sessions at the event in San Diego are going to be amazing. Judging by the relationships and connections forged at previous years’ events, being in San Diego with us has the potential to completely change the trajectory of your business.

Imagine meeting just ONE person or getting just ONE pearl of wisdom that completely changes things for you. I’ve seen it happen, time and time again. I want you to experience it for yourself with a community who shares your values and “gets it.”


Plan out your NEXT 90 Day Year with me and guest experts

This event is perfectly timed to coincide with the end of your first 90 Day Year of 2018 and the beginning of your second one, and I want to celebrate your wins and map out your next successful 90 Day Year.

One of the biggest lessons of the 90 Day year is that every day, every hour, every block of your time is valuable. I understand the value of your time. So if you’re going to invest your time with me in person, I want you to leave with a runway already built out for your next 90 days (and beyond!).

Nothing frustrates me more than going to an event where speakers drone on and on, without having anything actionable that I can implement. But March 26-28 will be about me helping you get important things mapped out and done, so you can rapidly move forward in your business.

Think of this like the coach calling you to the sidelines, drawing up a new play and sending you back out onto the field. You WILL be COACHED. You WILL have a NEW playbook ready to be executed on immediately.



Every time we host the 90 Day Year Live Event, we always have a kick-off party and gathering! This time will be no different. It will be your chance to clink a few glasses, connect with the experts and other entrepreneurs, plus get a few photos and have some fun!

You’ve had your nose to the grindstone day in and day out, now it’s time to actually enjoy yourself after the Monday session.

At previous events, we’ve had leaders of billion dollar companies, celebrities, multi-million dollar entrepreneurs and inspiring people like you busting their butts to make a difference.

We love great content, but I love creating the room to make connections even more. Don’t miss this!


The Guest Expert Teachers

I’ve opened my Rolodex and invited some of my closest friends who happen to be leading industry experts (the best of the best) to come and lead breakout sessions with you.
I’ve been very intentional about HOW these breakout sessions are going to work for you. I’ve seen too many events where a speaker will get up and talk about a topic that isn’t relevant to most of the audience. I’ve seen their eyes glaze over as they pull out their phones or look at their watches…
But it’s not usually the speaker’s fault. Most of the time you just have a group of people who are at different stages of their business. Which means their concerns, obstacles, and goals are different too.
So I’ve designed a “Choose Your Own Adventure” model to make sure you get the most out of every single session at the event.

At any one time, we’re going to have multiple experts, hosting roundtable discussions on areas like:

E-Commerce, Systems, Messaging, Strategic Alliances, Traffic, Consulting, Content Creation, Finance & Profits, Facebook & Paid Traffic, Storytelling, Hiring & Culture…

You’ll have the chance to bounce between experts or plant yourself in one group and soak up all the wisdom & strategies.

I’m really excited to bring this new format back to the 2018 90 Day Year Live Event, because the feedback was over-the-top positive from our last event. So, I know it’s going to be super valuable for you to ‘choose your own learning adventure’ and get some actionable takeaways.

This elite lineup will give you relevant strategies so you can continue to upgrade your entrepreneurial skills and take brand new tools back into your business.

Want strategies on getting more leads? I’ve got you covered with multiple experts.

Want strategies on systematizing your business so you don’t work so darn much? Done.

Want to upgrade your financial skills so you’re not scared of the money side of your business anymore? I’ve got your back on that one too!


Diving Deeper into the Principles of the 90 Day Year

At its core the 90 Day Year is a system built to create consistent, repeatable results. The ‘Live Event’ is my chance to help you create more automation, leverage technology & develop your leadership skills to remove you from the ‘doing’ of the work.

Not only will we be diving deeper into the principles of the 90 Day Year, so you can continue to move through a rapidly changing world with confidence. You’ll also be getting a new set of tools from myself and the other guest experts to help remove the friction from your day to day activities.

Not only will you be leaving the event with new friends, new alliances and new ways of reaching your goals with less stress, you’ll also be leaving with a new 90 Day Year plan.

Ok I couldn’t resist a bonus reason…SAN DIEGO!

You’ll be surrounded by gorgeous views, gorgeous beaches and palm trees flowing in the warm Southern California air!

At the Door Price


until the live event

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people do you expect to attend the event?

Last year we had just under 500 people at the event and this year we’re expecting around 750 people at the event.

Where should I book my room?

The event will be in the beautiful suburb of San Diego, La Jolla, famous for its panoramic ocean views, amazing weather and trendy downtown. The event will be held at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla, and we’ve secured a special room block for all of our attendees. You’ll get your unique reservation link once you’ve secured your ticket. (FYI - we have a special bonus reserved only for the people staying at the hotel and using the reservation link.)

When should I fly in?

Your choice, but try to get into San Diego on Sunday March 25th. Some people will be arriving even earlier to soak up the San Diego County and La Jolla area, plus connect and mastermind.

Can I purchase an extra ticket for a business partner/spouse?

Absolutely! Just reach out to care@toddherman.me with ‘Extra Ticket’ in the subject line and my team will help you out. And for a limited time you can add your “family or friend” ticket for only $500!

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Planning these events along with catering, room size etc. is an arduous task, which is why if you can’t attend, you can transfer your ticket to another 90 Day Year Live Event or someone else.

Will you be serving lunch?

No. We’ll be providing ample time for people to take a much needed break and grab lunch during the event.

What is the recommended attire for the event?

Business casual is always a safe bet. Bring a light sweater, just in case the event room is slightly cool.

How can my company become a sponsor for the event?

Reach out to DeAnna Rogers - deanna (at) digitalmarketer.com and let her know you’d be interested in finding out about sponsorship opportunities.

Three Days of Major Business
Breakthroughs Are Just Around the Corner

50% OFF! Discounted ticket prices expire in:

101 Days
05 Hours
08 Minutes
01 Seconds

Secure your ticket now!

Claim Your Live Event Ticket Now