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Applying the Prada Protocol

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The best solutions in life are never complicated, they simply come from having a better thinking model to look at life through. The Prada Protocol is about asking yourself,  “What repetitive parts of my life can I…Automate? Systemize? Simplify? or, Delegate?

There are literally hundreds of ways to think about applying Constraints to your life and business. When you get good at this type of thinking it removes the cognitive overload of options and choices and keeps you free to produce big results, instead of mired in the muck of decision making.

Below is a list of articles and resources to get your creative juices flowing with inspiration to apply this powerful principle across multiple areas of your life.

“Buy Less, Choose Well.” Vivienne Westwood


  • Great article in Harpers Bazaar UK:Why I wear the same thing to work everyday’ Matilda Kahl, an Art Director at a leading creative agency here in NYC, explains her decision to adopt her own “work uniform”.
The Greatest Dishes Are Often Very Simple...


  • Here is a meaty article on “How To Prepare 40 Meals in 4 Hours”, which covers your entire month of food needs in one afternoon! A fantastic example of constraining an outcome based on available time. How much time and mental energy could this save your family if you prepared your meals like this? Here’s a link to the ‘Master Shopping List’ too.
  • This is a quick read on “Why I Eat The Same Thing Everyday”. If you think back to your school years or even University days, I’ll bet you ate the same thing or close to the same thing all the time. I hate to admit it, but I was on a Chef Boyardee ‘Beefaroni’ diet for many years. Don’t judge! This is one of the simplest and fastest ways to simplify your life.
  • You might also opt for someone else doing all of your cooking for you. I’ve used a service for a while called ‘Petes Paleo’ which delivers pre-cooked meals every week. They’ve done all the heavy lifting for us—prepping, cooking, and portioning. The reality is, when we take a look at the costs, it’s actually a nominal increase over our previous food investment. There are tons of services out there, you just need to look for them.
Hope Is Not A Financial Plan...


  • Here’s an article from my friend Ramit Sethi on how he manages his finances with automation, “The Psychology of Automation: Building a Bulletproof Personal-Finance System” – within just a few days, you can have all of this set up for yourself. Btw… if you’re in a position, where you ‘need EVERY penny right now’, then simply start with putting away $1. The habit matters more than the amount!
  • This article on Smart Company looks at what small businesses do to streamline their finances with 3 simple tips anyone can implement to stay on top of your finances with the right systems and processes in place so you can focus on the day-to-day aspects.
  • Got another money management or other constraint tip that you’ve applied to your business or life? Share it with us below in the Prada Protocol Ideas and Inspiration Form and the best ones will be added to this curated list with a shout-out to those who shared.
"Our Life Is Frittered Away By Detail. Simplify, Simplify." - Leo Tolstoy

Simplify Your Life

  • “Complex doesn’t mean complicated” is a fascinating TEDX Talk from Eric Berlow. He talks about how a huge thing like US involvement in Afghanistan can be whittled down to just a few elementary points. Click to play it to the left.
  • Leo Babauta’s blog Zen Habits is famous for trying to live with less. Browse his most popular posts and archives to get tons of ideas you can start implementing in your life to simplify! As Leo advises himself,  don’t try to go through all of them at once, there are days and days worth of reading. Just start with one or two that grab your eye!
Nothing Begets Creativity Like Constraints - Christopher Mims


As another example of a constraint on the technology side of our business, is that every piece of software we use to run the business has to be cloud-based so whenever we’re evaluating what type of software we’ll purchase or add to our systems, we only consider cloud-based solutions – no software downloads or local storing of documents, images, and files on individual computers. Among other tools, we use:

This makes decision-making extremely easy because it eliminates a plethora of options because anything that would be downloaded to a computer is immediately eliminated as an option. It also makes the company nimble, because anybody can access anything, from anywhere.

High-Performance Is About Less, Not More - Todd Herman

Make Note of Your Ideas

  • These photos were uploaded from a past superstar 90 Day Year Student, Ian Luebbers, are a great example of implementing the principles of the Prada Protocol within just a week of discovering this new way of executing in his business! Click the images to view them in full.
  • Make note of your own ideas of where you can simplify/systemize/automate/delegate to reduce options overload and start putting it into action!

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